About Us

Plexus is our unification of the EMAP, 4C Group and Planet Retail brands to accelerate our strategy of migrating print customers to digital and/or events revenue streams. Our award winning, market leading brands reach millions in some of the most influential business sectors – fashion, retail, architecture, construction & engineering and building services - through a mixture of content, subscription, data, digital products and networking events.

Why Work For Us

Our successes have been built by creative, innovative and dedicated people. Many extraordinary careers and reputations have been, and are being, earned here. Progression is the heart of everything we do, whether that is our customers, or our people. We are widely regarded as the experts in creating stand-out, prize winning content. We are true insiders in the markets we serve. What we do makes a positive difference to our customers’, their businesses and their industries. With a new brand and a new outlook, we will continue to progress at Plexus.